Zimbabwe Young Positives – Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe YP 7

Zimbabwe Young Positives was founded in 2013 as an extension of the Strengthen support to Young People Living with HIV in Zimbabwe and Uganda Project supported by ICCO Cooperation and Stop AIDS Now. This youth-led initiative acknowledged the need to improve coordination of support to young people living with HIV and therefore has been working to contribute to positive and healthy living and quality of life of young people living with HIV by strengthening coordination of support provided by the education sector, health care sector, by civil society organizations and to ensure that supportive policies for young people living with HIV are in place. After consultations with young people living with HIV and the conducting of a mapping study it was unanimously agreed to form a representative organization for this constituency as a structure to advance their needs and perspectives in a manner that lends from their live realities.

Zimbabwe Young Positive’s mission seeks to improve the health and quality of life for young women living with HIV/AIDS  in Zimbabwe by promoting their sexual rights and reproductive health rights.

The organization aims to empower young women living with HIV with knowledge on their sexual and reproductive health rights thereby empowering them to become advocates for improvements in the accessibility of treatment, care and support. In addition this organization provides a peer-based support for networks of young women living with HIV in five cities around Zimbabwe as will enable them to provide peer to peer psycho-social support, education on sexual and reproductive health issues as well as lobby and advocacy on treatment care and support.

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