Youth RISE Nigeria – Garki Abuja, Nigeria

Youth RISE Adeolu

Drug Initiative for Drug Research Information Support and Education in Nigeria (YouthRISE Nigeria) mission is to promote the health and human rights of young people who use drugs, as well as to advocate and implement HIV prevention and harm reduction programs among the youth through peer education training and awareness raising programs. In parallel, Youth RISE recognizes the importance to document the human right abuses experienced by young people who use drugs including denial of access to HIV services.

YouthRISE Nigeria was formally founded in 2012 and this was in response to an increase in drug use and HIV infection amongst young people, and the need for policy change and effective public health response in the country. There was a national report showing increasing HIV infection among people who inject drugs and most of these people were reported to be young. However, the country did not show a commitment toward addressing this challenge in terms of program and funding. YouthRISE Nigeria took up the challenge to show that young people are active development partners in nation building.