Young Mothers Support Group – Kampala, Uganda

The Young Mother’s Support Group (YMSG) mission is to promote positive living for HIV positive youths and young women in Uganda, through psychosocial support, economic empowerment and access to essential services in Uganda.

The organization has conducted workshops on sexual and reproductive health with young positive pregnant women and positive mothers on prevention of Mother-to-Child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, family planning and other sexual and reproductive health services. It has trained 50 young women, including young positive mothers, to conduct similar workshops with other young women in the community. The organization also trained service providers on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of positive young women and formed three support groups for women and their partners. To combat stigma and discrimination at the community level, it also organized open dialogue with public including medical community on positive living. With HYLF’s support, the organization was able to register as a non-profit. YMSG proposes to continue community dialogues with service providers and community leaders to increase uptake of services. It will also train 40 young mothers on HIV and SRHR issues.

You can join our grantee through its Facebook site