Uganda Young Positives – Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Young Positives (UYP) works towards for scaling up access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services through its increased treatment preparedness. Through HYLF support, UYP has been working to educate young people, including young women, in schools and communities in three districts with basic information about HIV and AIDS and treatment preparedness in an effort to reduce stigma and discrimination; worked to build the capacity of young people to advocate for treatment and engaged young people living with HIV in the positive prevention agenda.

UYP has trained young people living with HIV in treatment literacy, preparedness and advocacy; reached out 1,174 young people in 18 schools with treatment literacy messages; and referred 276 young people for services, including HIV testing. UYP has also mobilized over two hundred young positives into the young people living with HIV movement.

The organization has also conducted training with young people living with HIV on human rights issues by the time it developed an assessment of the abuses that young people living with HIV face in Kampala, where young people, especially young women, do not utilize voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services, and when young people who access VCT do test positive frequently they are not retained into care and treatment programs.

Finally, the organization has been able to build its own capacity through staff training on project planning, management and M&E.