Southern Self-support groups network of people living with HIV – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Self-support groups network of people living with HIV (SPN+) is a network of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in the South region of  Vietnam, established since 2003 with the participation of self-support groups of PLHIV.

The network was built with the purpose to improve life quality and raise the involvement and participation of PLHIV. Nowadays, the network is widely recognized both nationally and internationally as a civil society organization with the resources to provide training, consultation and policy advocacy in order to ensure the rights and obligations of PLHIV. Through HYLF support, SPN+ has been working on the following issues:

Capacity building of young people living with HIV and young people with high risk of leadership, organizational development and construction of sustainable projects to reach the better funding, towards the implementation of programs, activities, services and effective interventions in accordance with their own communities.

Enhancing information exchange and knowledge among young key populations that are most at risk through appropriate channels. Especially sharing of evidence based on the best practices of youth organizations, success stories in organization development and community increasing the understanding of social issues related to young people and HIV / AIDS.

Advocating for meaningful participation of young key populations towards empowering them to take responsible leadership and representation for young people. Increase meaningful and effective participation so they are more involved in decisions made at local and national programs to respond to HIV / AIDS more effectively. Aimed to make a favorable condition for accessing health and social services, , reduce legal obstacles, reduce stigma and discrimination.