Silueta X Association – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Silueta X Association is a strong youth-led organization working to fight for the rights of young transexual people and young lesbian women, particularly those living with HIV. It advocates for changes in public policy and public attitude towards young transgender people, including young transgender sex workers in the city of Guayaquil.

Through HYLF’s support, Silueta X secured an agreement with local newspaper to feature positive stories of young transgender people on a regular basis by the time the organization developed a Trans Health Guide and conducted a series of workshops with young positive transgender women on hormone use.

Silueta X successfully developed  Awareness, Information, Education and Communication (AIEC), an initiative that started with focalized talks about gender and sexual diversity and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in schools and universities, and progressed into an initiative that has been training members of the national police to sensitize them on LGBTQI and youth related issues, in order to address transphobia and prevent human rights abuses by the police.

In the advocacy field, the organization has developed its campaign ‘My Gender and My Certificate’ that aimed to change civil laws so that transgender people can be recognized on civil documents. Meanwhile, the organization’s founder was the first transexual woman electoral candidate to the National Assembly.

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