No dejarse es incluirse A.C. – Puebla, Mexico


No Dejarse es Incluirse A.C. (Vida Plena) is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization formed in March 2001 and legally registered in December 2010, working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, Transexual and Intersexual people to make them visible as change-makers actors that contribute to our community development, evolution and welfare. Vida Plena is independent of political parties, religious groups, governments or other public or private entities.

Vida Plena mission is to create community spaces for training, counseling, advocacy, education, development and dissemination of a human rights approach that contribute to mitigate homophobia and discrimination related to sexual orientation and HIV and AIDS health conditions, thus enabling that LGBTI people and MSM live their lives in equal opportunities.

The organization has developed and participated in diverse spaces strategic to position the LGBTI and HIV agendas in the City of Puebla, Mexico. Some of the activities that the organization has carried out are:

– The planning of the annual pride, dignity and sexual diversity demonstration in the city of Puebla.

– “My health, my rights” Programme, aimed to address stigma and discrimination related to HIV and AIDS in health services and within law enforcement in Mexico City and Puebla by increasing knowledge and skills among community leaders.

– Involvement with the round 9 of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria within the project titled: “Strengthening the national strategies for HIV prevention and harm reduction strategies among MSM and IDU”.

– Advocacy and lobbying efforts focused to enhance the quality of life of LGBTIQ people in the city of Puebla.

– Developed a participatory community diagnosis among LGBTIQ people in the city of Puebla, in order to identify their needs and how homophobia, stigma, discrimination and violence has impact their lives.

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