Kid’s Sun Group – Hanoi, Vietnam

Kid’s Sun pioneered work on Hepatitis C and HIV co-occurrence among young PLHIV in Vietnam, which has now become a nationwide issue owed to their passionate advocacy.  This youth-led organization carries out trainings for local NGOs and implement support groups for young people living with HIV in Hanoi. 

Together with Network of people living with HIV in Vietnam (VNP+)  Kid’s Sun implements social media campaigns and advocacy efforts that has raised the awareness and involvement of young target audience and stakeholders such as the World Health Organization, international and Vietnamese non-governmental organizations, donors and government representative. This has ultimately increased access to affordable Hep C treatment.

During the last years, has shown tremendous achievements by evaluate and documenting the impact of Kid’s Sun Initiatives on Hep B and C and issues of co-infection with HIV; using evidence of the assessment as guideline to develop long-term work plan for the group as well as to to inform future advocacy effort from related parties on better access to information, prevention and treatment of HBV and HCV and issues of co-infection with HIV; and strengthening the group functionality with improved leadership, management and technical capacity for group Steering Board Members.

In 2013, Kid’s Sun Group published a manual on Hepatitis C and HIV (information, treatment, services mapping), which was disseminated among different civil society organizations.