Adili Foundation – Nairobi, Kenya

Adili Foundation was set up in 2012 initially to address the issues of LGBTI youth within the wider framework of the networks HIV and drug abuse reduction amongst the youth population.

Its initial function was to be a means by which LGBTI youth within the network could better actualize their potential by providing a non-judgmental avenue to raise their voices, concerns and hopes for the future. In effect, they could be mentored on lifestyle changes vis-à-vis safe-sex practices, HIV & STI prevention and management, and mitigating substance abuse.

However, over time after a thorough needs assessment it has become evident that the program has outgrown its initial scope, though informed and propelled by it, necessitating it to become a nascent grouping (organization) with a broader mission and mandate, though never straying from its vision which is ‘A Kenya with an emancipated, illuminated and self-conscious LGBTI Youth’.

Adili’s Foundation mission is to lifestyle change in LGBTI youth. This mission now encompasses more than HIV and drug abuse reduction but also antecedent factors/issues that may have led to engagement in such practices and subsequent effects of such behavior.