HYLF is looking for a fundraising consultant!

HYLF is looking for a fundraising consultant!

The HIV Young Leaders Fund (HYLF) is going through a transition process and we’re looking for an experienced consultant that help us to effectively approach new funders and donors; to contribute in redefining the next steps for the organization, and to ultimately support us in ensuring HYLF’s sustainability.

The consultant is requested to develop a mid-term, feasible, fundraising strategy to support the organization’s core and programmatic sustainability by identifying potential new donors, and initiate funding discussions with them.

We’re seeking for a person with strong experience in fundraising, proposal writing and with proved experience in working with and for young people and HIV-most affected populations in the grassroots, regional and international level. Interested candidates must also have outstanding experience in strategic management, re-engineering and organizational development; while it’s important that are familiarized with HIV funders and with pool of donors in the youth, SRHR, key populations and sustainable development agendas.

HYLF team is committed to provide all relevant organizational information that might be needed to achieve the objectives and deliverables under this consultancy work.

For more information about deliverables for this fundraising consultancy, compensation fee, roles, responsibilities and proposed work plan, please take a look at our Terms of Reference.

If you are interested in applying for this consultancy, please submit your CV, a letter of expression reflecting your last experiences with fundraising efforts, and a template of a proposed fundraising strategy that you would implement (or had implemented) for any specific case. Applications will be received no later than September 15th, 2017 to yahir@hivyoungleadersfund.org with a copy to oanene@maleattitudenetwork.com

If you have any particular question regarding this consultancy announcement do not hesitate to reach out to us using any of the mentioned emial addresses.



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