Post 2015 Advocacy Alert!

What You Can Do Now...

July 8, 2015 | Blog | No Comments

You can help us to shape the Post 2015 Development Agenda! There are five actions that you can do to contribute:

1.- If you have experience on policy and document revision, especially on UN agreed language, you can check the Zero draft and submit your input to

2.- Find out who in your government handles the post-2015 process.

3.- Reach out to your government representatives and share the Zero Draft of the Outcome document and your analysis of gaps and opportunities.

4.- Contact the persons responsible for the post-2015 process in your government – specifically it is important to find out what are their priorities, what they oppose and their positions on human rights and gender equality.

5.- Work with other organizations in your country to encourage your government to support the inclusion and strengthening of specific language in the document, especially on topics related to Human Rights & Gender Equality.

Check the advocacy brief  (available in 4 languages) developed by our friends from ICASO for further details about what you can do now.

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